Whether it’s copy that converts or content that informs, you’ll find a service to suit your needs on this page. If you don’t, hit me up so we can chat about your specific requests.

Perfect for selling products and services to your list, getting leads interested in your launch or customer indoctrination.

Have you got a list of leads that you’d like to turn into $$$? I’m your word slingin’ creative mastermind, ready to get the job done. Your amazing offer doesn’t deserve any less. 

Get your products sold, your blog post read, or most any other outcome you can think of.

Facebook ads provide an immeasurable opportunity for businesses to get right in front of the people willing to spend money with them. But you need the right words to pull them. I’ll get them hooked – hook, line and sinker.

The missing piece of your content marketing strategy, or the consistent content that you need to build brand loyalty.

Content is never outdated. Your audience will always need to know more about your business and your industry, and you will consistently need to solidify yourself in their minds as the top choice. My blog posts help you do just that with a dash of style and a sprinkle of thought provoking word play.

Sultry words that give your product or service the red carpet treatment it deserves.

Want people running after you waving their credit cards in the air? A sales page is the perfect way to do that. I might have too much fun writing them, but that’s to your benefit. I leave no stone unturned when I craft persuasive, creative and down-right “oh my god, take my money now!” worthy sales pages. Try me out.

You have a copywriting task that you’d like me to handle, but it’s not specifically mentioned here.

I also offer other services not expounded on here, like Facebook posts for your business’ Facebook page, newsletters and even landing pages for your lead magnet. Hit me up, and let’s chat about what your business needs.

Devonnie is an absolutely amazing person to have on my team! Not only is she one of the best copywriters I’ve ever worked with, she’s extremely communicative, has quick turnaround times and always blows my socks off. I could not recommend her more highly to other online business owners looking for AWESOME copy.

Miranda Nahmias

Head Chic in Charge, The VA Collective