Hi. I’m Dev!

I’m a professional copywriter, and I write attention-grabbing content for creative businesses that increases their traffic and sales online.

You’re leaving $$$ on the table, every time you skimp on hiring a copywriter to create content for your marketing strategy.

(And hiring the wrong copywriter costs you even more, just saying.)

What you need is a copywriter who:

Understands your target market (bonus points if they love research.)

Knows how to write crazy good sales pages, emails and blog posts.

Manages time well, and meets deadlines precisely and consistently.

Helps meet your business goals using strategic content creation.

I’m that copywriter.

What do you need help with?

Content and strategic marketing are the backbone of any successful business. Let’s talk about how we can work together to grow your business and make your vision a reality through:

Email Sequences for Launches/Promotions  –  Facebook Ads & Posts – Blog Posts  – Squeeze/Landing Pages – Sales Pages

Ever wondered what writing 247,000 words of copy does to a writer?

I can tell you, first hand. Head over to my blog where I talk about how writing at least 247,000 words of copy for clients nearly drove me crazy, but makes me insanely qualified to help your business.

Let's chat about your copy needs!