The name is Devonnie. (Call me Dev, though.)

I’m a wordsmith with a penchant for creating attention-grabbing copy for my clients that meets their business goals – whether that’s high conversions, or building brand loyalty.

My words get into the minds (and hearts) of your target audience and leads them directly to what they need – YOU. The world wide web is a vast, sometimes confusing place.

My copy helps your people find you.

Trying to stand out online these days, is like playing a triangle in the middle of a rock concert. I create the research-backed, attention grabbing copy that helps you break the cycle of overplayed marketing tactics and bland ideas. For the past 3 years, I’ve helped businesses rip through the curtain of monotony.

My assurance to you is this: copy that strikes THE chord with your audience. I do that by plunging into the depths of your brand’s story, dissecting your audience to find what motivates them, then blending it all with my creative ideas and experience writing kickass copy.


(A little bit more on the wordy woman behind this screen.)

Jamaica born, bred and raised. We hold the world record for the 100m sprint, but I think I should hold it for the world’s fastest fingers.

I have an obsessive love affair with words. I’ve been enamored by the English Language for as long as I can remember, and that has led me to do some very strange things…like read the dictionary cover to cover in sixth grade, and wrap books in brown paper so teachers wouldn’t be able to tell that I wasn’t actually reading from the textbook. Now I wear glasses thanks to ruining my eyes from reading so many books in the dark.

I love living in the moment. I skipped on my IT degree to move two hours away to take up a communications internship at the biggest food distributing company in the Caribbean. It rocked! It also gave me the guts to pursue my passion, writing copy.

I’m fascinated by how the human brain works. That’s one of my driving forces for choosing copywriting as my career. The psychology that goes into motivating the brain to make a decision is scintillating, and I spend my free time delving into it to make my copy and marketing better.

I’ve written at least 247,000 words of copy. This one can’t be explained in a couple sentences, so I wrote about it in a blog post. You can read it here.

I have a certificate of merit from UNICEF. I spent three months writing for their Voices of Youth blog, an experience that taught me much about relating to people of different cultures, broadened my view of the world and helped me find my own voice a writer.

We’re the right match if…

You’re a risk taker, and you love being bold with your copy.

You love stats, facts and figures and have an audience that thrives on being educated and informed.

You like fresh, inventive minds and love putting a new spin on tried and tested marketing principles.

You have more books than you have friends. (Sad, but relatable.)

You’ve made it to the end of this page, and can already envision the epic copy that we’ll create together.